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Living Art Tattoo Studio is arguably the best Colorado Springs Tattoo Shop. We specialize in high quality body art. Our tattoo studio helps clients with amazing custom tattoos and body piercings at a great price here in Colorado Springs, CO. Our expert team of tattoo artists are all equally talented, each with their own specialties and styles. This gives you a huge variety of different artistic styles to choose from until you find that special style that best suits your tattoo needs. We are dedicated to helping our clients find their match within our family of passionate artists.

There is no limitation to what we can do. Traditional tattoo’s, portrait tattoo’s, cover up tattoo’s, or anything else you might be looking for. We are up for the challenge of helping you create a tattoo that is nothing short of amazing. Our Colorado Springs tattoo artists specialize in: Free hand, high color saturation, and black and grey. Whether you would like an art piece from our portfolio or you have a custom tattoo in mind, we’ll gladly take on the role of your artist to help create your masterpiece.


We always use the best high quality ink so that your tattoo will be just as dark and vibrant as they were when you first got it done. We love and pride ourselves on our client and artist collaboration, and can’t wait to come up with a beautiful new design for you. Our goal is to exceed your expectations on price, care, and design, no matter what we do for you. Our premier tattoo shop proudly serves our neighbors in Colorado Springs, CO. Come visit us today for custom tattoo’s with our safe and hygienic equipment.

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With more than half a decade’s experience in the A to Z of tattooing and body piercing services, we offer the most varieties of tattoos with extravagant designs within best pricing range. Our team is indubitably proficient with tattooing & body piercing that we make any complex tattoo or piercing task seem quite painless.

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