“Living Art Tattoo is the Best Tattoo Shop in Colorado Springs." -Sarah M.

Celly - Living Art Tattoo Studio, Colorado Springs

Popular Tattoo's

At Living Art Tattoo Studio, our tattoo artist will listen and help you decide exactly what you want, we offer traditional tattoos and body piercings. We use the best tools, and the most high quality inks. Most importantly, we put an emphasis on cleanliness and safety.

Designs are available in our shop or you can create your own. Our skilled tattoo artists can make your tattoo ideas a reality. Whether it be a tattoo that incorporates Japanese kanji, Chinese hanji or Korean hangul characters, which are very popular, or something as simple as a small flower.

For the best tattoos in Colorado Springs come to Living Art Tattoo Studio. Contact or visit Living Art Tattoo Studio today for a free consultation!

Custom Tattoo's

At Living Art Tattoo we believe art is the expression of the self. Whether it be lyrical or pictorial, these works of art provide a personal significance to the artist who created it. Here at Living Art Tattoo Studio, we encourage clients to find tattoos that directly connect with them as a person.

We specialize in custom tattoos by giving our clients the opportunity to visualize their own masterpieces.  We assure you that your artwork is in talented hands.

If you have someone special that inspires you, we can create portrait tattoo's. Our professionals use vibrant colors that will give your tattoo stunning, realistic features. Our premier tattoo shop can handle anything that you put in front of us. With some of the most profound artists in this industry and great prices, our services are unbeatable. Come try us out for yourself here in Colorado Springs, CO.

Body Piercings

If you’re planning to have your very first body art accessory, or want to add another, check out our professional tattoo shop in Colorado Springs, CO. Living Art Tattoo Studio and body piercing shop offers everything you want for your body art needs.

Here at Living Art Tattoo Studio, we don’t just do tattoos, we also offer piercings, body jewelry.  Whether you want a cool industrial ear piercing, or a belly button piercing, our professional artists would be happy to work with you.

Our equipment is sterilized and the shop is clean and well maintained. This is why you can be sure that the services we offer are safe and hygienic. After your piercing or tattoo, we will show you proper piercing aftercare. We'll make sure you know how to keep your new piercing clean and protected from any potential infections. Call to make an appointment or visit Living Art Tattoo in Colorado Springs, CO today.